PET - Saturday , July 21 , 2007


by Rachael Peabody

PET - The Continuation and The End The Story of Devon Devon eventuallys catches up with his father Pet and gets him to talk about his birth and supposed abandonment. When Pet became pregnant with Devon, he was so afraid of what was happening that he jumped through dimensional portals, stretching out time and trying to avoid the inevitable. But it came to the point where he couldn't evade it any longer and gave birth to Devon on some train tracks in the middle of the night. Panicked, Pet fled the scene, hoping the child would never be seen or heard of again. But Devon was fortunate. His animal instincts as a baby allowed him to move about after a short while. Devon was discovered by a travelling circus and the couple running the freak show exhibit. The couple at first put him with the animals, thinking he was a horrible monster, but the woman's heart melted when she looked into his big black eyes. She brought him into their train car home and raised him as her son. She did not name him more than Child, because she did not know how long he would live with such deformities and kept him in the shows as a clown. Devon grew fast and learned, but not enough to be considered more human than monster. The husband learned of the institution called P.I.R.E. and decided to contact them about the creature they found. Andrew Blue and Donovan Madden's son, Victor, came to the circus immediately to take him away from them. Grudgingly, the woman gave him up to them. Victor and Andrew brought Devon back to South America to study him in detail and try and teach him to be more intelligent. They gave him the name Devon for no particular reason other than it seemed normal enough for when they reintroduced him to the GM Village. Devon eventually began to wonder about things, but not in great detail. He was always simple and happy that way. Devon's unusual genetic default was his size, since it seemed all GMs had something wrong with them. During this time, Pet had gone into hiding. He felt too guilty for leaving his baby and often went back to look for it. He was too ashamed to return to the Village. Victor and Andrew reintroduced Devon into the Village. He wasn't rejected or welcomed, just fit back in. Izzy knew who he was and let him stay with him, knowing Pet would return shortly. Pet did return and was horrified and scared when he saw his son. He couldn't help but cry and ask for forgiveness. Devon wasn't sure what he was talking about, but went home with him anyway, accepting the fact that Pet was his father. Devon asks why he doesn't remember anything and Pet answers: "I'm sure it's somewhere between mental blockage and you just being so simple. I love you, son." END DEVON'S STORY. The Story of James and Oscar James and Oscar work on getting back to the Village and James finally has someone willing to listen to his history. James was raised by a very abusive father after being born to the Great Mother. James was always taught he was dumb and bad and worthless until the day he discovered his Dark Anger. James was overcome with horrific anger and killed a human. He brought the bloody shoes back to the "army" of the Village and demanded to be made Captain. This was still not enough to prove his worth to his father. James' father disappeared one day while on a hunt. James was pleased, but something inside him made him sick with guilt. James buried all his feelings, along with his Dark Anger, thus turning him into James the Jerk. Oscar just likes to listen and smile. His wing heals eventually and they return to the Village without too much trouble. AS FOR THE SCIENTISTS, THEY GIVE UP THEIR FRUITLESS SEARCH FOR OSCAR, RETURN TO THE VILLAGE TO MAKE SURE PET AND DEVON ARE ON GOOD TERMS AGAIN AND BID THEM ALL ADIEU. And that is how PET ends: Plot holes and all. Thank you for reading. Please move along to my new love affair GO FISH
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